Are you looking to expand your e-commerce business in Switzerland?

Would you like make DDP deliveries to Switzerland, saving costs with collective customs clearance? Or do you have any questions about electronic assessment rulings by the customs authorities and need a CSP (centralised settlement procedure) account (in German: Zentralisiertes Abrechnungsverfahren der Zollverwaltung – ZAZ)?

We can help plan your e-commerce business model in Switzerland.

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Work and services

Do you have business in Switzerland but don’t know if you have to charge Swiss VAT?

Questions as to whether pure assembly services, the testing of materials or repairs are subject to VAT, and if so, from what level of sales, may be complex, but they are certainly not insurmountable.

Let us help you plan your work and services contracts… ideally before you submit your offer!


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Digital services

In general, the simple use of the internet for the purpose of transmitting information, results or data is not subject to tax in Switzerland.

However, digital or digitally provided services can be subject to taxation in Switzerland for foreign companies. This is determined by issues such as automation and human involvement, in addition to other conditions.

What counts as consulting and what counts as a digital service?

Let us help you analyse the services you provide in Switzerland.

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VAT refunds

Your company pays a Swiss subcontractor, e.g. for warranty services, and the Swiss company charges you Swiss VAT.

Can your company reclaim the VAT paid in Switzerland, and if so, how?

If the VAT amounts to more than CHF 500 and the deadline for the refund has not run out, we will be happy to clarify the other requirements for you and provide you with the necessary forms and documents.

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We are yourfiscal representative in Switzerland

The notion of VAT is over 100 years old and goes back to Carl Friedrich von Siemens. Today, it is impossible to imagine the state and an economy doing without it.

With increasing globalisation and growing international online trade across all national borders, the systematic administration of VAT is becoming more and more important and a crucial aspect when it comes to calculating margins.

Let us help you on matters relating to VAT so that you can concentrate on what you do best – growing your business. We will be your tax representative in Switzerland.

If you would like a personal consultation, simply contact us.



We will represent your company is its dealings with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA). Not only do we prepare quarterly statements for you, we are more than willing to make suggestions for improving procedures as well as providing documentation.

Thanks to our extensive expertise and many years of experience, we can also advise you on VAT law, IT solutions, payroll accounting and processes.

We collate the accounting documents in our accounting software – not only in an Excel file – and prepare the VAT statement.
In particular, we also ensure the following:

  • You will have complete sub-ledger accounting at your disposal.
  • The bookkeeping complies fully with Swiss law.
  • If requested by the tax authorities, a VAT journal, an accounting journal, an income statement and account statements will be provided at the touch of a button.
  • This means that your company will always appear professional, making a good impression with the tax authorities.
How you stand to benefit

How you stand to benefit

Your benefits in concrete terms:

  • We check every day whether new electronic customs documents have been received on your CSP account.
  • We enter the assessment figures directly for the VAT statement. –
  • We prepare the quarterly VAT statements.
  • We can provide your bookkeeping department with our account statements for comparison if required.
  • Our IT partner ensures the safe archiving of customs documents.
  • We support you in all VAT matters.
  • We represent you in dealings with the tax authorities.
  • Clear and transparent billing thanks to a precise cost structure
  • Comprehensive consulting: We also know our way around wage issues and import taxes.

Contact us if you have a question or would like a quote.


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We will represent you here in Switzerland – in all matters relating to VAT and other fiscal or fiduciary services.

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